Arena 9-HD

V.1.2 -OUT NOW!


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A TRADING CARD GAME, THAT’S EASY TO LEARN BUT HARD TO MASTER. You can now “Rank Up” by “pay” or “play”.


Rank Ups are done through $$$ or Arena Points. The requirement of Experience points for Rank Ups through “play” is higher than that through “pay” – Goto the Arena Office in the app to find out more.

If you like Arena 9 on your iPhone/iTouch , you will love it on your iPad. It’s bigger and louder and much sharper.

Collect the best Trading Cards as an Arena warrior and become the ultimate Arena Master! Recruit new card warriors, for battle.

Challenge other world wide players online right now.

Play against sophisticated AI opponents online and offline.

The Arena 9 GRID is where the eternal battle between the Arena Warriors is fought. Each one of them aiming to be the most powerful Arena Master!

Begin the game with a handful of warrior cards. Start the battle! Place your cards one by one (alternatively) on the 9 grid. Read the tutorial to learn how to Turn Over your opponents cards. The goal is to have the most cards in your color on and off the grid. Have continuous battles and earn EXPERIENCE POINTS and ARENA POINTS.

Your ARENA POINTS allow you to buy new cards and can help you rank up (if you have enough EXPERIENCE POINTS).

EXPERIENCE POINTS are your right of passage. They allow you to rank up (with the help of some Arena Points). You must achieve a certain level of Experience Points to qualify for the Rank Up.

Improve your rank from APPRECTICE to JOURNEYMAN to ADEPT and then EXPERT.

A higher rank results in you obtaining better cards, when you purchase them with your Arena Points.

In a hurry? Want better cards faster? Want to Rank Up faster? You can but it will cost you.

For increasing your rank “through pay” the requirement of experience points will be less. When you purchase card packs “through pay” you will get an assortment of random cards that will cover the full cross section of card strengths no matter which rank you are. You will also be entitled at times to an “S” type card which cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Read the Arena rules and understand the ways in which you can convert your opponent’s warrior cards to your color. A battle can only be won if you convert the majority of the warrior cards on the battle grid into your color.

Arena 9 is a wireless world of TCG at your fingertips.. With Openfeint, you can compete on the worldwide leader boards and achievement boards. Better yet, you don’t need to create a new online account or have a new login, all you need is an Openfeint account and you are good to go.

Arena 9-HD on iPhone/iTouch is also available. Use you Openfeint password and you back into the thick of it. Your card packs and data is preserved.

All game data including leaderboards are synced between multiple devices as long as the same Openfeint account is used.

If you don’t have internet at any moment don’t worry. You can still play against our internal client AI or play against your friend through Bluetooth.

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