AR! Pirates

AR! PIRATES – is a fun and innovative first-person shooter for all iOS4 devices, that pits you against fleets of approaching pirate galleons.

Use your device’s camera and screen to shoot and sink virtual ships that appear integrated to the real world via augmented reality.

Play at any scale! Use coins as markers for small ships on your desk or play with gigantic ships in the park using three flying discs (or paper plates from your picnic lunch). But be careful–the larger the markers, the more active you have to be when playing the game!

Keep marauding pirates away from your treasure island. Galleons approach from all angles and sail toward the island, shooting directly at you as they come. Once they’ve reached the island they’ll drop anchor and steal your treasure.

Acquire treasure and power-ups when you sink those dastardly pirates and as you progress, more and more ships will try to plunder the Captain’s treasure.

WINNER Voted number 1 Augmented Reality game of 2011 by Augmented Planet readers!

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