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Do you want to enjoy something extraordinary SNG?
Do you like to raise fishes while you build your dream town?
If you do, come to AquaVillage, the dream home you always imagine in your fantasy!!

Imagine a peaceful world where you can raise your own fish and build a town at the same time…

Welcome to AquaVillage, the last remaining village on the ocean floor. Let’s raise various fishes and do some farm works through Aquafarm! Cultivate the land by removing seaweeds and rocks to construct a lot of buildings.

Take care of your neighbors and get some help from them! You can let your fish go to explore some exotic oceans with your neighbor’s fish!! Sometimes, you and your friends will get a RARE fish when they finish exploring.

You are now the owner of this lovely fantasy world and the fate of AquaVillage is in your hands!


– 210 kinds of diverse fish and beautiful sea creatures

– 90 kinds of unique buildings and decoration objects motivated by the marine ecosystem

– More than 200 Quests: Rich and fascinating scenario unfolded by LENA, the Goddess and 4 adorable main characters

– Gorgeous, lively and colorful graphics with splendid designs

– Fun Social Play: Tour to exotic places with your friend’s fish and get RARE fish with various rewards

– You can play the music you have in your device while playing the game!

– 7 Languages supported: English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese, French, German, and Spanish

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