Aquaspeed 2

Aquaspeed 2, the highly-charged new game that is available to download now for free! The game cleverly replicates the official Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and has eight legs that mimic the official race route.

Each leg allows the user to test their sailing skills using tilt functions to navigate their way through treacherous conditions and race against the other ships to take pole position in each race that takes place across the world’s major oceans. Like the novice sailors that undertake the 40,000 twelve month challenge, no previous sailing experience is required…just the skills to beat the clock and the rest.

2 levels of difficulty
Regional Weather and Scenery effects
Tricky surprises out on the water
Tilt to steer action

The first leg of the race is free to download and the additional legs (2-8) can be purchased in the game.

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