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We all love the summer, with the sun shining and gentle breezes, and the sound of a nearby stream.

A leaf flows by, and you wonder how far down the stream it will float. Well here’s your chance to find out, with the leafs destiny in your hands…..

Let time float away with this challenging game!

Aquafolium is a simple but addictive game, suitable for children and adults.

It’s a self scrolling game, where you have to collect flowers, and dodge obstacles.

Navigate around the play area by touching the water to create ripples. Use the ripples to push your leaf around the play area.

When you complete a level you will be given points for lives left and flowers collected. You will lose points the more ripples it takes you to complete a level. You can pause the game at any time by tapping the score bar at the top.

Your score will give you a star rating, making you want to play again and again.

Can you master the game and obtain three stars on every level?…..

Version History
Version 1.0.0 — Initial Release
Version 1.1.0 — +iPhone 5 Optimized
Version 1.1.1 — -Bug, +Social links.
Version 1.2.0 — +Social sharing
Version 1.3.0 — +Game Center

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