AquaBoat Rush

AquaBoat Rush is the first 3D boat racing game in iPhone.

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# Top 3 sports game in Hong Kong
# Top 5 racing game in Hong Kong
# Top 100 racing game in Russia, Belgium and Sweden
# Top 100 racing game in China, Japan, South Korea and Netherlands

Be an angel or a devil, fly your boat on unique designed 3D Aqua tracks and beat your opponents. 180 degree boat drift, crazy obstacles and all funny tools will make you enjoy this exciting game.

Two modes to play: Points Race Mode and Shadow Mode. In points race mode, get as many points as you can to unlock more tracks and types of boats. You can get more points by collecting bonus coins and by racing higher rank. In shadow mode, you can race with your shadow, the one created from your best racing record. All you need is speed, it is an unlimited fun to challenge yourself

* You can choose to use tilting device or pressing buttons to control Left/Right.

Game Features:
-Two modes to play: Points Race Mode and Shadow Mode
-Six unique designed tracks to race.
-One mysterious track as a bonus track.
-Four characters to choose.
-Four types of boats to unlock.
-Crazy obstacles: Swellfish, Water Plants, Water Bomb….
-Funny tools: Time Bomb, Spring Board ….

Let’s play and get wet now!!!

Game trailer:

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