Aqua Reel

Looking for a slot machine game that has some cool effects for various bonus events?
Do you like reel spin game which requires no gambling knowledge?
Then, Aqua Reel is the right choice for sure.
You just have to press start/stop button on the right bottom to play Aqua Reel.
Aqua Reel is a network-based slot machine simulation game.

Basically, this game is divided into two areas, which are coin-dropper area and reel-spinner area.
The coin-dropper in the upper-half area drops the coin.
When a dropped coin hits a bonus item, you get credits or an added spin count relevant to it.

The reel-spinner area(lower-half) spins the reels automatically while spin credits displayed
on the left bottom are available.

– Send deposited credit points to other users as gift
– Save game point like deposited credit point, game credit, win credit to a dedicated server
– Easy to charge game credit from deposited credit point or win credit
– Realistic reel spinning
– Different bonuses event by day and night
– over 30 different bonuses

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