Aqua Pearls

Aqua Pearls is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Aqua Pearls

Today’s featured game is a Match-3 marble shooting game in the style of Zuma or Tumblebugs. It’s almost exactly like those games, but with a few extra modes that we think will appeal to compulsive colorful bubble-poppers.

The extra modes in Aqua Pearls seem to make all the difference. There’s Adventure mode, where you control a gelatinous underwater blob named Aquatic on a quest to retrieve powerful pearls. This mode isn’t very unique, but the level progression in these kinds of games can still be very addictive.

More interesting to us were the game’s Puzzle and Strategy modes. In Puzzle mode, you only have a certain number of shots to clear a level, so accuracy is even more important. You can gain more shots by popping randomly-appearing starfish. In Strategy mode, you have to pop bubbles near fish, freeing them from bubbles of their own.

Aqua Pearls also has an Endless mode, which is always appreciated, but it doesn’t contain any online high scores. At best, you’ll be competing against yourself, or other players who borrow your device. Even if it’s not online, the cute aesthetic and tried-and-true gameplay make Aqua Pearls seem like a solid choice if you enjoy Match-3 puzzle games.