Aqua Globs

Aqua Globs is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Aqua Globs

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that’s true, then Flight Control is the belle of the ball. First came the excellent adaptation Harbor Master, which exchanged landing planes for parking boats. Now we have Aqua Globs, a game where you must help wandering globs find their soulmates.

I’ve got my eye on Mr. Orange over there.

Aqua Globs tasks you with clearing globs off the board by drawing paths between two similar types of globs to connect them without touching any globs of the other type. At first this is easy, but it soon becomes a mad scramble to pair off like the scene at a singles bar at last call. Without your guidance the globs just meander aimlessly… which makes you wonder how they’d ever manage to reproduce in the first place.

Unlike Flight Control and Harbor Master, where there are set targets for you to manage, Aqua Globs plays in a wide-open space where you can make a glob connection anywhere. This forces you to take in the entire screen at once, to make sure none of the globs bumps into the wrong glob (and makes a mistake that they will regret in the morning). Fortunately, there are also wild card globs which, due to their apparent lack of standards, will make a match with any other type of glob.

The game comes with just a few options. You can speed up the game to make it more challenging, share your scores online, and unlock achievements. Unfortunately, these achievements are rather unimaginative and all pretty much boil down to: “Play this game a lot!” However, the core gameplay delivers, and Aqua Globs manages to produce some truly harrowing moments that can get pretty addictive.

Overall Aqua Globs is another solid entry into the burgeoning “hectic path management” genre. If you are just getting into this type of game, your 99 cents will get you a bit farther with Flight Control or Harbor Master, but if you are looking for more of the same formula–or don’t like the grind of transportation infrastructure–you won’t go wrong with Aqua Globs.