It’s an invasion of apps!

When a round starts you are confronted by a rank of invading apps. Your job is to identify them. One of the app’s names will appear on the screen. If you tap the correct app you will score points. If you touch the wrong app, you will lose points. Allowing any app to reach the bottom of the screen will lose even more points.

You advance in the game by successfully identifying all of the invading apps and having a positive score.

Each level of the game begins with downloading the most popular free and paid apps in a genre. The rounds of a level will consist of 4, 8, 12, and 16 invading apps.

The Setup screen gives you the option of turning the various sound components on or off. There is also a fast/slow play option.

The first level is free for all to enjoy. You must make an in-app purchase to open up all of the remaining levels.

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