App Quiz Game

There’s an app for that…but do you know what it is called?

With over 650,000 apps in the App Store, how many do you know? Challenge your friends and see who knows the most apps. This quiz game is a fun way to see how many apps you recognise.

Featuring over 170 apps – and more to come!

✓ Game Center
Challenge your friends with a Game Center leader board. You get a point every time you correctly guess an app, race your way to the top by completing the whole game!

✓ Gorgeous Retina Graphics
The game is built with beautiful high resolution graphics, in which you will see details in app icons you’ve never seen before.

✓ Hints
For the apps you do not know, you can use the in-game hints which will push you higher up the leader board above your friends. The hints will unveil some of the letters in the app.

Start your App Quiz today!

All App icons shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective companies/corporations. App Quiz and Distracted Monkeys do NOT claim ANY ownership rights of any of the featured app icons. Read more in ‘Settings > Legal’ within the app.

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