App Icon Quiz

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge an app by its icon!

–or, maybe we should? You will be surprised about how much information you can get from an icon. Train your eyes and challenge your brain with App Icon Quiz!

Have some time to kill? 200 icons plus new package EVERY DAY waiting for you to play!

Bet you know the correct answer at a glance? Pledge some tokens, empty your pocket, and unlock more icons!

Want to brag about your knowledge or love an app so much? Share your on Facebook or leave a comment for the app so thousands of people can see it in the app.

Need some hint? Bombs are here to help. Increase you chance on guessing the right answer.

Want more free stuff? Come back every day to claim your bonus and check out the daily special quiz.

Thank you for downloading AIQ. Since the launch of AIQ, there have been several reports where some offensive comments were posted by some users. We are constantly striving on improving the game experience and currently working on an update that will include an option that allows the user to hide the comments posted by other users. This way users of all ages can enjoy the game. We appreciate all the support but please be considerate of other users that may be reading the comments.

Thank you.

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