In 2012, the planet may come towards the earth.
This game was created to think the influence for Earth.
We can think about the necessity of defense for planet.

If the game starts, defenses is to built by touch with left and right action.
Touch and scrub in the defence area with your fingers.
This game is important to complete the defense of earth.
If the defense come break a little , the planet will collide with Earth.
The tension continued to fall off the planet is rising, most will feel the thrill and fun.
If you have a mistake,
Earth will be destroied by collision of planet and the energy of earth will be dropped.
This time, the way to regenerate the energy sources, by touch the energy to drop,
you can continue the game without stop.
If you press the Plus symbol in earth area, game time is increased.
How long is to defense Earth from planet?

A continued fall in planet,
Continuing tension and thrills,
We must save the earth.

Build defense to save the earth!

In 2012, Will we be able to prevent the planet?
This game will give you the answer.

Have a good time!

Contact : http://appstop.sm.to

Do you need support?
Email : parkjinbaek@gmail.com

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