ApG Fruits

★★★★☆ Another puzzle Game – Fruits
Another puzzle Game with fruits and …

… no, this is not just another puzzle game. This is an amusing game.

It is a fun game that will make you have a good time in case you have just a few minutes but also if you have more time. Warning: You’ll Get Hooked on it!

Discover incredible pictures in each puzzle, we are sure it will surprise you. You have never seen something similar before.

The game is based on a series of pictures from a prestigious Spanish photographer than manages to integrate pieces of fruits and vegetables in everyday but unexpected situations. The result surprises to the viewer and even brings a smile because of the unpredicted of the images


★ Stunning pictures, in full resolution for iPhone, iPhone5, iPod and iPad retina display
★ Use your own pictures.
★ Try to shake the device to shuffle the pieces.
★ Press empty space to show the original picture.
★ AutoSaves all movements. You can change from one puzzle to another or leave the app and come back later, pieces will be in the same positions
★ Two difficult levels, kids can also play with this app (only on iPad)

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