Ape Test Lite

Test and train your photographic memory! Can you keep up with the chimpanzee Ayumu?

You have to memorize the positions of several numbers within a very short time span.
The chimpanzee Ayumu accomplishes this masterfully, even if he has seen the numbers for just 210 milliseconds. The human test persons undergoing the same test performed worse.

What about you? What can you grasp with a glance?

This is a Lite version of Ape Test to get a taste of the full version.

The Lite version allows to start with a simple setting for hiding five or seven numbers only when the first one is touched. In addition there is a setting where five numbers are hidden after 650 milliseconds.
Note: The full version offers settings with 5, 7 and 9 numbers which can be combined with shorter time spans (down to 430 and 210 milliseconds just like in the original experiment).

You can track your progress with several statistics (Ayumu prefers raisins ;-)
The Lite version does not save them, though.

The application is based on real trials with chimpanzees which were performed in 2007 in Japan.

Additional features of full version (version 3.0):
– Shorter delays: Down to 430 and 210 milliseconds
– More numbers: 5, 7 and 9 numbers combinable with all delays
– Game Center
– Game state is saved: The last 1000 trials of each player are saved.
– Statistics: View your progress graphically in a chart.
– Best values for success rate and average correct touches are remembered and displayed in the statistics view
– Player management: Add, delete and rename up to ten players.
– Universal application with optimized iPad version

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