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Apache Overkill is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Apache Overkill Review

Whupa-whupa-whupa. That’s the sound of a helicopter going overhead. That’s all you really need to know about helicopters if you want to jump into the pilot’s seat of Apache Overkill, a shoot-’em-up for the iPhone.

Apache Overkill gives away all its secrets in its title. You pilot an Apache helicopter. You shoot at everything. You have several weapons to help you take down the opposing forces: guns that constantly fire (as long as your finger is on the screen), bombs, missiles, lasers, and even screen-clearing nukes. Your regular guns have unlimited ammo, but all the trimmings are only provided when you shoot down enemy helicopters and zeppelins. If you manage to pick up parachuting pilots, you gain extra lives. If you’re on your last pilot when you’re shot down, it’s Game Over.

Apache helicopter down.

Apache Overkill is shallow, to be sure, but it’s really hard to hate a shump. There’s something beautifully mind-numbing about firing a constant stream of death at walls and walls of cannon fodder. And Apache Overkill is easy to drift into, thanks to simple controls. You move your helicopter back and forth across the screen with your finger, which helps you navigate around enemies even though you’re constantly moving forward.

There are 99 levels in all, which adds up to a lot of repeating backgrounds and enemies. The graphics are classic retro fare with clean sprites, though the sprite for your nuclear bomb is pretty lazy (a simple box with with a radioactive symbol on it). The sound effects are fun thanks to constant radio chatter from your pilot, which keeps you up to date on your condition when you just don’t have the time to glance at your health bar.

Apache Overkill is a solid shump overall: it controls well, it paints destruction across the screen of your iPhone, it has Game Center support, and it’ll keep you happily engaged for an hour or two. Give it a try if you’re a fan of the genre: it beats spinning around and yelling “whupa-whupa-whupa!” to yourself.