AoE Defense

Blast away massive groups of invaders with an arsenal of area of effect spells in AoE Defense!

Choose to become a good or evil wizard and specialize in one of four schools of magic. Stop huge waves of enemies from destroying your tower while leveling up your wizard, unlocking special talents, acquiring new armor, and buying new spells.


★ Four unique magic types: Fire, Ice, Chaos, and Necromancy.
★ Experience and leveling system.
★ Several unique spells for each magic type.
★ Tons of new weapons and armor awarded upon leveling up including an EPIC weapon and set of armor for each magic type.
★ 10 unique and upgradable talents for each magic type with a final EPIC talent.
★ No level cap. Keep leveling, upgrading loot, earning gold, and unlocking new talents as the game becomes increasingly challenging.
★ Stunning retina display graphics.

★★★★★ “…I can’t stop casting!”

★★★★★ “wow sooo addicting!”

★★★★★ “When’s the next update?”

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