Antistress Ball 2 – Palla Antistress 2

A simple and funny game that will test your reflexes! Challenge your friends! Who will score the highest score? Who will be the fastest?

Three Game Modes:

1. Classic:
The aim is to hit the ball, many times as possible, before time runs out. When you hit it, you will get more time, but you will increase the ball’s speed!

2. Chopped:
In this mode, the ball does not move smoothly, but it appears in different points of the screen. When you hit it, you will get more time, but does it also disappear and reappear faster!

3. Funniest:
An hybrid of the above styles, with the added “bonus time” with several balloons that you have to burst. There are two types of balloons: those “happy” and those “angry”. The firsts will: increase points, reduce the speed of the ball and earn time. The seconds will only reduce the effect collected with the “happy” balloons.

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