Antimite is a STAFF FAVORITE with Apple!!


CRUSH has been unleashed!

Antimite is an addictive, hilarious game were you maximize the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer to move Crush around very cool maps. Your mission: “Crush” as many mites as you can in the allotted time. Each level will frustrate those lacking Pre K hand eye coordination…you know who you are.

Creative game maps from us and minimal brain power from you will keep you coming back for more. Antimite is the perfect quick gaming fix.


– 20 Unique Levels
– Cool Game Play Music
– Challenging In Game Obstacles


Coming in 1.1 and beyond:
– Online Leader Boards
– More Mites
– Crazy Levels
– Super Crush Mode
– and much more!

Antimite is developed by Cahoona Games and published by Bent Pixels, LLC.

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