Ant Run! lite

Ant Run is the 2D puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch that will have your mind going in all sorts of directions!  

Guide the ants back to their colony while trying to avoid dangers such as Ant Eaters. Use the different kinds of ants to come up with complex strategies such as burning ant eaters with your fire ants or luring them towards water with your fast flying ants! 

With the fun challenging maps, Ant Run is a puzzle game you shouldn’t pass up! The game takes inspiration from big hits such as “Chu Chu Rocket” and “R.U.S.H” and is available for the iPhone and iPod touch. 

The game comes with 2 game modes, Puzzle mode and Race mode. In Puzzle mode you must come up with fun ways to get across the level by planning out a route carefully before hand. 

In Race mode the puzzle game becomes a fast paced frantic game mode where ants run as you try and think! Get a score based on how many ants you can get back throughout the levels, then compare online with your friends. 

This is the lite version of the game, which includes all the bronze levels in both Puzzle mode and Race mode.

You can get the full version here:!/id460380977?ls=1&mt=8

Ant Run! was developed as part of the Kainos App Camp program. Students where given the skills, tools and support needed to make thier ideas a reality. To find out more info, or apply yourself, see or

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