Anne Hathaway : My BFF

The app offers, Take Photo with Anne Hathaway to iPhone and iPad users. It allows adding several accessories like different type of hair style, rings, face masks, ear rings and lot of other beauty accessories. The app is launching with lot of Anne Hathaway photos!
Every fan of Anne Hathaway Dream to own a photograph with Anne Hathaway however the truth is totally different. There are few peoples obtaining the nice opportunities to own a photograph with Anne Hathaway. Luckily this app may be a blessing for people who prefer to have a photograph with Anne Hathaway. The app contains more than 15 totally different posses of Anne Hathaway. User can select images from albums or he/she can take picture using camera. After selecting image user can select Anne Hathaway photos. Users have options to arrange images and give different image filters. Once the design is done users can share the photo to twitter and facebook.

– Take a picture or use one of your pictures saved to one of your albums.
– Resize and move the picture to where you feel would be best to have Anne in with you.
– Select a Anne you want to be with you. Position and scale him to the correct size to fit in correctly.
– Click Frills to add your favorite Anne accessories to you picture.
– When the picture looks good, click Done.
– Choose how you want to share this picture to your friends and family! Choose from Email, Post to Facebook, Post to Twitter or save the photo for future use!
– Create as many pictures of you and Anne as you want! And why not create pictures of Anne and your family or pets! Be creative and have FUN!!

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