Anna's Fashion Show Probational HD

❤❤❤❤❤Fashion is a magic that can make Cinderella into a princess, flower girl into fair Lady !
❤❤❤❤❤Just drag & drop to wear your model, and to easy compare various choices.

Find your inner fashionista ,put gorgeous clothes , wear the glass slipper for your model. She can be beautiful and proud, can be playful, cute, can be delightful…This is one of your own special fashion show!

All in your hands!!

Create new looks and styles for your model and share them with your friends!

Picks from:
❋ Hairstyles
❋ Accessories
❋ Scenery
❋ Bracelets
❋ Necklaces
❋ Jackets
❋ Shoes
❋ Bags
❋ Gowns
❋ Glasses
❋ Trousers
❋ Skirts

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