AniMate Maker Lite

Have you ever wondered what your mum would look like in a super hero costume or if Mrs Hoskins can do the splits?

If you like to draw, take photos, have a sense of humour and are between 1 and 111 years old, you will find our animated mate very useful.
Draw a figure or choose a ready-made template. Take a photo of yourself, your aunt or your boss, place it in the head area of your AniMate and then draw something funny. And now the best part of the fun – make the figure move.
You can save your AniMate in the gallery, your Photo Album or send it by e-mail. It’s really easy!

The application also works well as a drawing tool.

The full version of the application includes additionally:

- ready-made character skins
- the option of taking photos
- 10 unique character animations
- the option of editng the drawing
- the option of saving your work in the application gallery
- the option of saving your work in your Photo Album
- the option of sending the AniMate via e-mail

*All likeness to real people will be intended and not accidental.