The stuffed-animal suit doll lives in the room.
Please play with a stuffed-animal suit doll and make your room!

Each event can be performed if the tap of the furniture in the room is carried out.
Refrigerator : Food can be made to be eaten.
Closet : It can dress with a stuffed-animal suit again.
Television : A mini game can be chosen. The game which can be chosen if the heart rises increases.
Desk : An interior change can be performed.
Flowerpot : The bud of a flower can be planted. It is the pleasure after blooming what flower blooms.
Speaker : ON/OFF of a sound can be performed.
Setting : In the case of a charged version, advertising ON/OFF can be performed. The purchase of a charged version can be performed.
Camera : In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the album of iPhone.

If a doll is stroked or the change of changing clothes or interior design is carried out, the heart will go up.
Coin can be got if a game is played. Please buy each item in coin.

(Operation may become slow, when an advertisement is displayed depending on environment, or when changing.)

★It came to be able to perform the purchase of the charged version.

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