Animals Rescue

“Animals Rescue” is a puzzle casual games, whose theme is underwater world, game players incarnate animal protectionists, collecting a sufficient number of key small animal to rescue captured pirates. The player need to avoid a variety of obstacles to challenge their own limits in the game.
The game is going in the cheerful rhythm and the player need to cross variety of games obstacles to get game points. Only after getting enough keys can a small partner of the cute animals be rescued. The player could encounter jellyfish (jellyfish discharge), a small coral (encounter will fall), a powder keg (encounter will explode), and pirates (DOT) during the game.
-5 Different levels, the difficulty of each level is not the same, five levels is endless mode.
– Endless mode: there is no time limit, the longer the game sustains the more the score gets . You can challenge the limits of their own operations, more than rescue a small animal must operate a role. The endless mode could save a total of five characters.
Player can click on the image of your character to let it jump, each level has to collect enough keys to rescue small animals in the current level.

Jellyfish: reduce rescue time of 2 seconds.
Small coral: reduce rescue time of 1 second.
Powder keg: reduce rescue time of 1 second.
Small pirate: reduce rescue time of 4 seconds.
Pirate King: reduce rescue time of 5 seconds.

★ props:
Time: to prolong the game time of 20 seconds.
The aura of invincibility: 20 seconds with disregarding any obstructions.
Life Recovery: to increase the value of life by 20 points
So what are you waiting for? Come and rescue small animals! ! ! !

Team: Yshow

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