Animal Wars

Alone in the dark Willows forest , young princess Cassandra was kidnaped and cloned , by the evil monster .

The king trust’s no one , but the king’s best loyal Boxer , Dexr , Rex and Hex the kings last weapon against the dark creatures that lie in the forbidden forest . and the last hope for the return of his beloved daughter , princess Cassandra .

Kill all the monsters in the forest , and never kill the princess . you can change between the king’s ranger dog’s , you can use ;

• Boxer with the 4 barrel wide ship .
• Dexr with the 3 barrel light ship .
• Rex with the 2 barrel double ship .
• Hex with the 4 barrel fast ship .
• Full with tricks and traps .
• Highly addictive .

# Animal wars features hard gameplay and hours of replay value . each level requires logic , skill and force to solve .


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