Animal Planet: Trivia Challenge

Animal Planet: Trivia Challenge – the highly anticipated quiz game based on the world’s only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the animal world.

Take part in fascinating and varied animal trivia challenges, testing your general knowledge of the animal world. Indulge in over 3,000 mind-twisting trivia covering fauna from across the world, land, sea and air.

As an added bonus, it also features a library of fascinating images straight from the network’s vast archive of animals captured in their natural habitats, in breathtaking and stunning settings across the globe.


– Over 2,000 questions in basic gameplay, plus 1,000 questions in a downloadable question pack.
– Six types of challenging trivia questions to answer, in three levels of difficulty
– Video-, image- and sound-based interactive questions
– Media from the world’s most extensive library of the Animal Kingdom

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