Animal Find

As a parent we keep thinking of how to make learning fun for our kids. Here’s an app which aims to do just that!!!

Playing is as simple as listening to the animal name and finding it in the grid of animals. If the kid cant find it don’t worry the animal will bounce in a few seconds. You would be amazed to see how quickly kids start recognizing the animals. Kids have fun earning stars on every correct answer. As they progress they can take up timed challenges. And you can check out the score card to see their progress.

– Very easy and simple fun game
– Beautifully illustrated animal images
– Clear pronunciations
– Aids self learning with animated hints
– Difficulty levels to match the abilities/age of your child

It helps your child to:
– Develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills
– Recognize animals
– Relate animals to their names
– Develop sense of achievement

Watch the video at:

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