Take a mobile safari with this fun and addicting puzzle game for both iPad and iPhone devices. Capture endangered Aniballs from habitats around the world so they can be relocated to Aniball nature reserves.

Save Tigers, Gorillas and Margays in the Rainforest. Rescue Rhinos, Leopards, and Lemurs from the Savannah. And don’t miss the Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, and Snowshoe Hares from the frozen Arctic.

With its simple mechanic it’s easy to pick up and play in minutes. The challenge comes in getting that “puuurfect” score. It’s fun for all ages.

Also included in the game are over 200 wild facts about real endangered animals. Did you know that polar bears are so well insulated they’re practically invisible to infrared cameras? Or that an elephant has 40,000 muscles in it’s trunk? You won’t believe what you’ll discover with the “Feral Facts”.

Fully integrated with Game Center , you can earn ranger badges while solving 60 puzzles.

Go ahead and take a roll on the wild side, with Aniballs.

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