Angry Wolf

Utilize your reaction and precision to help cute Angry Wolf steal as many eggs from the hen house as possible.
Game starts as the sneaky Angry Wolf goes to steal some eggs from the hen house. Hens are not as simple to steal from, however, and as the Angry Wolf is too greedy to stop from gathering the eggs, they start to lay them with the increasing speed!
The game becomes more exciting as the more eggs Angry Wolf gets into his basket, the faster they start to come. It is very important to stay alert and accurate as dropping just one egg will cost Angry Wolf a life and may even throw you all the way back to the very beginning!

In-app purchase allows you to get the Wolf 4 lives instead of 3 and will replace the commercials with the breathtaking clouds.

This game will definitely excite both adults and children and will capture your attention for hours!

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