Angry Wives IGB

Very few things are more tiresome than a man, Darling, as I’m sure you’d agree. Beyond reproduction, and getting stubborn lids off of jars, they generally don’t serve much purpose. And some days, you just want to THROW something!

Take a break from the day to day and embrace your inner diva! Stop dreaming about it and THROW that frying pan! Hit the jerk where he’ll pay attention and release a little tension. It’s cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more satisfying!

Angry Wives – lower yourself to his level just long enough to leave a mark!

Choose your look and name the characters in your passion play! And, throw everything but the kitchen sink at him. Each object has it’s own physics and heavier objects do more damage, but they take more strength to throw. And, of course, they earn more points. Head shots count for more and the elusive crotch shot gets you the highest score possible for a single hit!

Explore the world of Angry Wives! Hone your skills and learn the strategies that will bring you three diamonds and give you the Mad Money to upgrade to greater things to throw.

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