Angry Trolls Episode 1: Troll Dad

Troll Dad is trolling his daughter Derpina. Are you going to play with Derpina and get revenge? Don’t get mad! It’s your time to revenge the ones that keep trolling you.

Free 8 full levels part of a comic!

Be one of the Rage Comics guys and break everything apart in this slingshot based game!

– Play as the Herp, the Derp, Forever Alone, Troll Face, Troll Dad, Yao, Okay Guy, Fap fap and others!
– Read a comic and be part of its story: go in a rage against the ones that trolled the main character.
– Destroy many different structures and levels.
– Discover secrets.
– Game Center leaderboards! Try to win with a better highscore than your friends!

Meme trolls everywhere!

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