Angry Piano Season HD – rompicapo per imparare a suonare il pianoforte

ANGRY PIANO is a new music game that sees foxes against Ducks, who will get the better?

Everything starts with the Christmas season!

The goal is to hit all the dishes that come into circles by pressing the corresponding key to the food on the keyboard to the food!

Each level requires logic and memory to complete the musical sequences vith the fewest mistakes possible..


– 30 levels each season
– Bonus level every season
– Difficulty progressive increase
– 3 stars to reach for each level
– Key Lights
– World ranking (Game Center – Leaderboard)
– Lots of trophies to unlock (Game Center – Achievements)
– Music and Loop HD
– Regular updates (Season)
– Facebook
– YouTube

ANGRY PIANO … learn to play has never been so easy and fun!


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“Angry Piano Season is a wonderful mix of rhythm and puzzle, easily drawing fans of both genres.”

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