Angry Orc+

Game information and news can be check on Facebook page.
1. on Facebook page please click “likes”.

Support Korean,English.Easy & Fun Puzzle action game!
Will continue to Angry orc’s absurd story.

****When purchase will provide $5.99 worth of 9000Skeleton.****
Turn on sound,there will be more fun.

[Special features of Angry orc]
– Absurd stories and absurd characters
– Freely choose 5Kind of addictive puzzles
– Addictive sound would be more fun
– All kinds of items such as weapons and clothing customize their own character
– Dynamic and absurd characters animation combat and control
– Puzzle elements + Action + simulation elements. Use them All at the same time

In the toilet => Contribute to comfort regular bowel movements
On the subway and bus => will let you immediately to reach the destination
At companies and schools => The boss in the back all don’t know. don’t play
At home => Can’t sleep. Regardless of the time and place play with the angry orc
Be your best cooperation partner!!!


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