Angry Hunting

If you are looking for simple casual game, then you have fall on right place.

If you are bored rather say want to walk off from complex games for a while then Angry Hunting is the best game to grab now. Enter into the world of ponds, fish and amphibians with limitless hunting.

Angry Hunting is casual tap to kill kinda hunting game where limitless fishes will be jumping from the pond teasing you’re hunting skills and you as a player have to tap on each fish to hunt or kill them. Thats ain’t sounds challenging, so here is the deal, you have to tap on each fish without missing other any of them, so if you miss 20 times or fish the game will over for player. That sounds challenging I guess!

What more you can expect ?

* The Angy Hunting has minor illustrated graphics
* It has a Doodle (The Duck) which will keep you notify about your hunts(Similar to dog in classic duck hunt shooting game of 80s)
* You’ll also face a another obstacle like a flying bird, be warned don’t tap on bird.

In app Purchases

* Remove Ads
* Extend Games to 40 Missed Shots
* Extend Games to 60 Missed Shots
* Extend Games to 100 Missed Shots

Happy Fishing or rather fish hunting fellows now you don’t have to wait for hunting season any more!

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