Angry Gods: Pegasus League Legends

The Gods of Olympus are at war!

The Titans have escaped their ancient imprisonment and are hungry for revenge
against the Olympians. Earth is their battleground.

Zeus, the almighty King of the Gods, has assembled the bravest and most loyal
of his followers.

You… have been chosen!

Download Angry Gods: Pegasus League Legends today!

Wield the power of the gods in your hands with god powered javelins.
You are given the power to kill gods and titans alike.
Tap the right side of the screen to shoot a javelin and strike at titans.

Zeus has gifted you with his favored flying horses.
Now you can soar the skies on these fabled winged animals
and smite the titans.
Tap the left side of the screen to lift your Pegasus in the air.

Game Features:
• Endless game play, beat your highest score
• Epic music, sounds and visuals
• Fast, Action-Packed, Aerial combat on Pegasus
• Simple tap controls
• Collect Coins to unlock NEW Pagasus colors and weapons
• Challenge your friends on Game Center

You have been favored by the gods.
Have fun defending the Earth and help defeat the titans with Pagasus and your god powered weapons!

Become a legend…
Play for FREE today!

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