Angry FouFou Game

So thought birds were angry? HA! You don’t know Fou!!!!
Sick and tired of being flushed down Toilets all over the world, they’ve now declared The Loo as their sworn enemy. FouFou strikes back, as you help them destroy all the Toilets they can in the three completely different missions!
Mission 1 – Fling FouFou at it’s new enemy, Toilets! I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but that’s because it is! Laugh your head off at the hilarious sound effects. 18 Levels
Mission 2 – FouFou Shooter: featuring the leader of the fight, FouFou Headman, against Toilets.
Mission 3 – Kung Fou: FouFou suits up to destroy all Toilets in each level before the time is up. Luckily FouFou is as quick as you can tap! Has 19 Levels!!!

– Game Center Enabled!
– Created via Cocos2d (THANK YOU GUYS!!!!)
– Hilarious Sound Effects!!!!

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