Angry Cupid

“Angry Cupid” is an interactive, talking, animated app with a fast-paced Angry Cupid game and lots of Valentine’s Day ringtones. It’s one app with three great features for all to enjoy.



You can touch or tickle Cupid anywhere on his body to bring him to life, but be warned… don’t make him angry! If you upset him, he might shoot you with his arrow.

** Make sure your device is NOT muted to hear audio.



** Sign in with Game Center and save all your High Scores. You can pause the game and take a break at any time. It’s easy to learn and play. Compete against your friends, family, co-workers and the world.

1) “Happy Cupid” will give you points, so make sure you get them all.
2) When “Angry Cupid” appears, he will eat your points, so move fast.
3) Catch all the hearts (they’re fast) and earn bonus points.
4) Play with sound fx or without. Play with music or without.



We’ve got a full bundle of Valentine’s Day ringtones including comedy, electronic, hip-hop, techno and more.

Featuring iPlayTones’ #1 holiday seller on the US cellular networks: “V is for Valentine.”

** All ringtones are downloaded directly inside the app. We’ve made this very easy for you. No e-mail required to download ringtones. **

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, divorced, in a relationship or just hate Valentine’s Day… we’ve got lots of great ringtones for you.


“Angry Cupid HD” is also available for iPad.

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