Angry Cupcakes

Throw rolling pins at angry cupcakes in this fun, cute 2D action game!

* Use 4-way thumbpad joystick on lower left to control baker’s MOVEMENT.
* Left button on bottom-right is for THROWING
* Right button on bottom-right is for JUMPING
* Upper-left button returns to main menu

A baker’s recipe gone wrong let loose some angry cupcakes who have captured his wife! In each level, lead the baker to rescue his wife. Protect the baker from angry cupcakes by throwing rolling pins at them. Along the way collect eggs, sugar, and flour so the baker can make a new batch of happy cupcakes instead!

* global high scores
* earn achievements for each level
* Points for collecting sugar & flour
* Extra lives for collecting eggs

* 10 exciting levels available
* Rescue the baker’s wife to win each level
* Throw rolling pins at angry cupcakes
* Awesome particle effects
* Exciting sound effects


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Courtesy of Scott Hacker,

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