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Angry Chickens Pro Review

One look at the name “Angry Chickens,” and your first instinct will likely tell you that this must be an Angry Birds rip-off. And truthfully, the App Store icon does little to dissuade that mindset. But, if anything, Angry Chickens might be classified more as a parody of Angry Birds than a rip-off. While the games do look similar, they play nothing alike, and there isn’t a green pig in sight; rather, your targets are the birds themselves.

The goal of the game is to crush every last chicken, as well as every one of their eggs. Structures are set up very much like those in Angry Birds, but you don’t fling creatures or inanimate objects at the structures to bring them down. Rather, you simply take an axe to them. Chop a floor here, a support beam there, and the whole thing comes crashing down with feathers flying everywhere (and maybe just a bit of yolk on the walls).

Green pigs, you say? Wrong address.

You’ll encounter different bird types with different weaknesses as you go, as well as different types of material comprising the structures: wood takes a bit of chopping, glass shatters instantly, and metal/stone is impervious to damage. You can even gain bonus points by destroying the Chaos Emeralds (at least, that’s what they look like…).

It’s a very simple idea, and it works pretty well. You see, you chop away at the structures by touching the screen where you want the axe to strike. Unfortunately, the controls imprecise enough that you can touch a spot several times, see the axe hit that exact spot several times, and get absolutely no result at all whatsoever. It’s not exactly game-breaking, as you can keep swinging until something clicks, but it does get rather aggravating, especially when something does connect, and it’s not what you wanted.

TNT is the hot new building material.

Scoring is a bit strange, too. You can take down an entire stage with a single touch, killing everything on screen, but for some reason still wind up with a “Not Bad :(” or “Beginner… :((” ranking. How do you improve? Heck if we know.

And that brings us to another point. In addition to the false promise of “precise” controls, the App Store description also boasts “hours of gameplay” across its 30 levels. However, we managed to clear the entire thing– though not with perfect scores, admittedly– in about half an hour. That includes the difficulty we had with making hits connect, being continuously prompted to rate the game, and even retrying some levels for a better score. If you’ve ever run into a puzzle in Angry Birds that simply kept you from going any further, you have nothing to worry about here.

So Angry Chickens Pro, which is the first chapter of an apparently ongoing series, has its fair share of flaws. Despite that, though, they aren’t terribly detrimental, and the game is not really bad at all. If they just improved the controls and ironed out the scoring issue, it would be a real winner, even despite its brevity.