Angry Captain

Pirates vs Navy is FREE edition for Pirates vs Navy DELUXE game from EG Friends. It’s the most exciting battleship-like game ever, with super weapons!

Retina Display is supported. Game Center is supported. Bluetooth is supported.

The most fun from Pirates vs Navy is to play against your friend via Bluetooth or Game Center, or play with unknown player all over the world. You can also play against computer AI.

If you want to play against other players all over the world, log in on your Game Center app, open Pirates vs Navy, choose Multi-Player and then tab button similar to gamecenter icon, you’ll be navigated to a green screen. Then click ‘Play Now’ button on the upper-right.


Based on a classic battleship-like game, Pirates vs Navy brings a whole new experience to your iPhone and iPod touch.

Pirates vs Navy introduces a set of props system, which improves you enjoy the battleship game enormously.

Being a captain, you can also hire cute girls as your first mate, making the game much more fun to enjoy.

If you have trouble of this game, click Tutorial button on the menu screen, a simple introduction to the key problems of Pirates vs Navy will show.

Also you can share your enjoyment via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social network, as well as via Email.

If any problem, please follow us @egfriends or visit our forum

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