Angry Business Man

“… it looks great, and striving for a stratospheric score is highly addictive.”

“It’s a challenging yet rewarding experience that would fit well in anyone’s collection of game who relishes these types of games.”

“It is a very fun game though and one that the whole family can enjoy.”
– The Gamer with Kids (

★★★★★ “It’s a genius game.”
★★★★★ “Really cool game with great graphic and sound effects. Nice Job!”
★★★★★ “One of the best.”

Made it in the Top 10 of Japan, France, Russia, Poland, Portugal and Kazakhstan! Thank you guys!

Don’t you hate missing the bus? Angry Business Man sure hates it!

Help Business Man by rotating your iDevice, thus aligning the world around him so he never, ever has to run up or downhill. Because if there is one thing he hates more than missing busses, it’s running.

Angry Business Man features:

– Fresh gamplay, bringing accelerometer based controls to the next level
– Crisp Artstyle
– Procedurally created world that never repeats itself
– Short play sessions, perfectly suited for quick bursts of play
– Ever Increasing challenge
– Online highscores (powered by openfeint)
– In-game score display

The rules of Angry Business Man:

– Business man must never, ever leave the screen!
– Business man must never, ever run uphill or downhill!
– Business man must never, ever run into obstacles but jump over them!
– Last and most important rule: Enjoy!

Thanks to:
Anja Blochin, Quirin Brettmeister, Sebastian Schröter, David Salz, Daniel Matzke and Christian Wild.

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