Angry Bunny: Ninja Revenge

The 1st episode of angry bunny finally got released! Take your revenge on the pirate and get your carrots back!!!

TouchArcade Forums:

” I had the liberty to play this game, and it is amazingly epically awesomely EPIC! I had no doubt in y mind this would be a great success! – Sevendust

“You had me at shooting pirate with shurikens. Already I can tell you that this beats Doodle jump easily by a mile. – PureSkill

“Pretty fun actually, and I dont really like these types of games normally. If you like doodlejump-esque games then check this out! – riggysmalls

I played your app this morning, my wife is playing it tonight. I would say as far as playability and fun I would put it on par with Doodle Jump. – CygnetSeven

Customer Reviews:

“Pretty cool jump game. I know there are a ton of jump games already in the store but this one stands out as one of the better ones I’ve tried so far. I like the idea of having an enemy hovering above so its not all about just platform jumping. You have to fight the enemy too. Good controls to go with the gameplay. Would love to see even more creative stuff added to this game, like the ability to shoot at the enemy with more strength to your shots. I’ll look forward to any updates but good job so far. – Freedog

“Because I am not a fan of doodle art, this game was an awesome alternative to the ‘other’ jump game. Much better graphics, cute characters and really fun to play. This is a hidden gem in the app store and at one dollar it’s really a steal. I’m glad I bought it and I don’t mind leaving the review when the game is good. Thanks! – Cyggie

“If you are looking for a great alternarive for doodle jump, Here is the place you will go. This game is just a great game all the way through.” – NYR1994

“Great game with simple controls, nice graphics and sounds.
Addictive and fun game!!” – Marcio Arruda

More reviews keep updating!

In Angry Bunny, tile your iPhone/iPod Touch to guide the ninja bunny jump in the air – picking up carrots, avoiding bombs, and shooting pirate with shurikens.

Be warned: This game is super addictive.

– long and short platforms
– straight shuriken, swing shuriken, serial shuriken and spread shuriken
– watch out pirate bombs!
– shoot pirate with your shurikens (Ninja-style)
– collect carrots for extra points
– no limited pause :D

How To Play:
Tilt to jump left or right. Tap the screen to shoot. Shuriken is limited, so don’t waste it by shooting downward.

If you like Angry Bunny, please rate it 5 stars, your 5 star ratings and reviews keep the updates coming!
Next Updates:
* Add Open Feint
* Different Boss after shooting down the pirate
* More Ninja style and magic effects
* More background themes

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