Angry Biebers

Angry Biebers

By Copper Mobile and BVI Media Group

Help Justin protect his fans from the crushing paparazzi

* Every second counts in this action-packed game as the paparazzi inch closer and closer to the stage and threaten to crush Justinʼs fans!

* Use Justinʼs hot-red double neck guitar sling-shot to hurl his bandʼs instruments and equipment at the approaching paparazzi before its too late.

* Blast all of the paparazzi before they trample and squash the crowd in this highly addictive game.

* In a clutch send over Justinʼs bodyguard to “discuss” things with the attacking paparazzi, you only get to use the big guy once so make it count!

* You’ll play this fun, quick game over and over again, whenever you have a minute to spare!