Angry Bards

The King has become furious over the Bards’ latest satire, and is sending his finest troops to put an end to the fine arts! It is up to the now Angry Bards to defend the integrity of the fine arts.

Fend off legions of the King’s men with your majestic lute, as you help the angered bards defend the theatre from the oncoming threat. Slay your enemies with the sound and beauty of Renaissance music. Utilize poetry books, sheet music, and other trinkets against the King’s Army as your items become more powerful. Earn new costumes from the playwrights and enjoy music and mead in the local tavern between battalions.

– Unending relentless medieval combat guarantees hours of intense gameplay

– Harness destructive explosions, summon the undead, and control time itself through the powers of poetry and music

– 8 Extravagant Beards and 15 Outlandish Costumes

– Collect gold from the King’s men to purchase a plethora of equipment that aids you in battle and customizes gameplay

– Expand your knowledge of the fine arts through combat and gain powerful capabilities by leveling up your equipment

– Enjoy over 10 Chiptune madrigals from the Renaissance period with classics such as Thomas Morley’s “Now is the Month of Maying” as well as “La Bouree” by Michael Praetorius, and Palestrina’s “Vestiva I Colli”

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