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FULL 58,000 word dictionary–no filtering!!

Love word games? Then ANAGRAM-iT is for you! ANAGRAM-iT is a word game that will provide hours of fun and test your word skills as you find words within words.
Introductory rate of .99 for a limited time only. Application is universal…for the low intro rate you get the iphone and the ipad version. As more features and enhancements are made the price will go up… lock in at .99 now to take advantage of all future updates!

Objective: Given a starter word the player must find words within that word
~Words can be from 3-10 letters in length
~New words are formed using only letters in the original word

~Game can randomly generate starter words
~Player can input custom starter word
~Convenient word count…tells you how many possible words AND keeps track of how many correct words you have entered
~Player can turn sound on or off
~ Word length for random word generator can be changed (3-10 letters)
~Handy back arrow
~Includes a reveal feature which will provide the solution. This feature can be turned on or off in the Settings.
~Special Get Anagrams section allows you to type in a word and then see the solution.

Version 1.01 update
–Based on customer feedback we added a nice hint feature that reveals just one letter of the words not solved yet. Each time the reveal button is pressed first to show, then to hide, the letter that is shown changes.
–to use hist feature, go to settings and change reveal to “hint”.
–Now when you leave a game the words you did not find are revealed.
–Misc. bug fixes

We welcome your comments or suggestions and expect to continue to improve the game for a long time. :)

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