An Adventure Quest of a Cave Man

Think you could have survived the Stone Age? You have an opportunity to try in An Adventure Quest of a CaveMan—a new touch arcade- style app that can easily make you lose track of time!

In An Adventure Quest of a Cave Man game, you are a club- carrying caveman soaring through a pre- historic land. Your goal is simple: gather all the gold coins in your path. Unfortunately, primitive creatures of all kinds lay at every turn to thwart your efforts!

Continuing through your adventure and racking up gold coins will take skill and quickness. Good thing you will not alone on this journey. Your partner and transportation in the game is a Pterosaurs that is as ferocious as it is skilled. This winged creature is capable of flying at great speeds and heights. It also is full of dangerous mini axes to hail at the enemies of this land! If you need an even tougher ally, you can unlock more characters as your score increases!

Are you up for the challenge?


The following are just a few of the great features you’ll encounter in An Adventure Quest of a Cave Man app:

– Free game play!
– Easy finger and touch control!
– Continuous game play!
– Increase your score with each gold coin you collect!
– Onscreen pause control!
– Option to upgrade to enjoy the adventure ads- free!
– Unlock additional characters with your high score or upgrade for only $.99 to unlock all the characters!
– iPhone4, IPhone4s, Iphone5, iPad, or iPod

Try An Adventure Quest of a Cave Man today!

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