Amgine : Apocalypse

“I just want a simple life. But current events have totally changed my perspective…..” – Cleo.

Amgine, like Sh!ft, is a hybrid between a 15 puzzle and a match 3 game. This new game type has gradually attracted many players. Amgine is built from users feedback and brings people to a higher level of entertainment.

The free version lets players to join the main character, Cleo, to go through the training. Basic movements and limited options are available in the game. In paid version the journey continues and players will find out what adventures Cleo is going to encounter. Additional game plays and combinations reveal the true power of the game nature and challenge players to a higher level.

– Interesting and distinctive gameplay compared to the classic match 3 games!
– Attractive movie-like storyline!
– “Block and Tile” movement to increase matching possibilities, match all blocks with your own style!
– Special abilities come to rescue at certain situations!
– Track progress and achievements at the game center.

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