“Ambrosia is a unique take on side-scrolling runners, and an extremely polished indie title to boot.” – Tim Ashdown, Senior Contributor at Comics & Gaming Magazine

One day while collecting honey minding your own business, a hungry hungry bear comes barreling towards you intent on stealing your precious honey. It’s time to put your hives defenses to the test as you race to get away from the evil bear!

Coming Soon:
* Biomes!
* New items
* And much more!

Ambrosia is an endless runner with a twist! Outrun the ravenous bear for as long as you can!

Dynamically generated terrain and power-ups ensures that no two games are quite the same.

Collect nectar to fuel your defences against the bear’s relentless charge.

Knock that bear straight into the sky for a chance to collect coins to spend in the store.

Buy upgrades for your defences, brand new power-ups and new outfits for your tireless pursuer.

Gain achievements to increase your final score multiplier.

Compete with your friends and see who can get the highest score through Game Center!

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