Amazon Annie

**Very addictive**

Venture into the treacherous world of “Amazon Annie”…

The animals are out on the prowl, and are ready to hunt.

Run through the vast, endless Amazon as you are chased down by a hungry lion looking for food.

You are Amazon Annie, the one who has no fears and knows no boundaries.

Life in the Amazon is very dangerous for Amazon Annie. Everyday, you fight vicious animals and usually come out on top. Today, however, this is a different story…

The King Cobra who rules over his territory has spotted you trespassing and now he’s mad! You must escape him, using your wits to dodge the obstacles and survive as best as you can.

Collect the Jungle Fruits to boost your energy to further escape the animals attacks, the more you get, the faster you’ll be able to run.

The animals have been waiting for you, so they’ve made sure your path is met by dangerous cliffs that threaten your survival – jump over them to be safe or fall to your peril. This addictive game is fun for children and adults of all ages.

So… Are you brave enough to face the biggest survival challenge of all? Are you ready to face the jungle’s predators in a quest for your survival?

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